#start doing what is necessary; then do what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible…….





इस खुदगर्ज़ दुनिया में थोडा ख़ुदगुर्ज तू भी हो जा।
वरना यह दुनिया तुझे ख़ुदी से जीने नहीं देगी।




जरुरी नहीं की जो दिखे. वो सच की ही एक मूरत हो।

मेने कइयो को अकेले में घुट घुट के मरते देखा है।।



न जानू उस गम को वजह से जिसकी तेरी आँखे यू नम हुई 
पर मालूम इतना हे 
तेरे एक आँशु का कतरा ही काफी हे, 
मेरीआँखों को दरिया बनाने के लिए।।।

Yes you can,

The Parque


The moment you realized and decide that you are the single most determining factor as to whether or not you succeed or fail, only then will your life have a chance to improve…………..,…,………………………………
……..          …,,………………………….

What is the most important thing one should change for changing himself/ herself?

The answer is your imagination. What you imagine, you become ,
so if you want to change yourself, change your imagination .

I will tell you my friends story,  his name is ragav maheaswari , he is Pershuing b.tech with me in the same branch i.e mechanical engineering .

once he went to the nayi sadak for purchasing new book( delhities may know about nayi sadak), he spend 5-6 hours for purchasing book as the market of nayi sadak is so wast and big , so for identifying book and on barging he spend much time.

Personally saying , its a quite…

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An award

Awards can give you a tremendous amount if encouragement to keep getting better, no matter how young or old you are………….


A lady with a beautiful name shilpa who is running a beautiful blog named as live life and has blog address
has very kindly nominated me for a liebster award, this is a great honour me to accept that and thanks a lot for nominating me.

Let’s come to the point , I have listened to such type of award for the first time and I don’t know much about it, so I google out it and find some facts which are described below :-

This award exist only on the internet and is given to blogger by other blogger.

It has German origin and has several meaning like sweetest , kindest, beloved etc.

Its follow similar principle as a chain letter in the sense that it should be passes forward to a certain no. of people and its their choice to accept it or reject it..

I think I should accept it.

* for those of you who have heard of the liebster award for the first time, its an award given to blogger who have 200 follower or less than that.
With acceptance to such award, you have to answer few question , my answer to all question are :-

1. What are those 3 things you wish to do before you die?

I haven’t decide yet because I don’t set priorities in my life, I  flow is with the flow of my life, I just want to enjoy till my death…. So 3 things which I wish to do before my death is enjoy, enjoy ,enjoy

2.what was your favourite post you write till date..?

This is quite a simple question and the answer of this question is my optimism because everything in this world inspire me ….

3. Are you a messy person or a tidy one?

Dont you guys thing, its a relative phenomenon ..if I compare myself with my friend, yes, I am tidy but with my gf, I am messy…

4. What is the most frustrating thing about blogging?

Blogging create addiction of writing

5.how do you spice up your dull and boring day?
Literally say, I just start blogging or write some poetry and if all of these fails, just call up my gf …

6.what is the best piece of advice you received so far.?
To stop studying engineering by many of my friends

7. What other thing you doing apart from blogger?
That’s a lovely question, I have a long list of what I do ..
I do
Playing chess,cricket,badminton
And much more

8. How do you stay creative?
Just read anothers blog or read inspirational book

9. What is the best gift you got till date?
I think its nothing…

10. What do you planned in the near future for your blog?
No plans yet…

11. What you do if you become invisible for an hour?
Not decide yet and I think we should bother about such type of foolish things.

Now its my turn to nominate my friends…

From https://shilparya.wordpress.com/

2.Somali from http://prepforum.wordpress.com/

3.umber from https://umberays.wordpress.com/

4.maniparna from scattered thoughts

5. Anoop from http://anooppillaiz.wordpress.com/

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9.ravish from http://successfulbeing.blogspot.in/?m=1

10. Writenlive from http://sonaonline.wordpress.com/

11.teny from https://moviesofthesoul.wordpress.com/

Now its my turn to ask question:-
1. What is your hobbies?
2. Tell me at least one thing, which create a smile on your face?
3. What’s your real motto of life?
4. Have you ever caught in confusion, if yes then to whom you listen your heart or to your mind?
5. Who is your ideal?
6.which place you want to go and why?
7. The one thing which you always see while making a friend?
8. Who will you describe yourself?
9. Which sports you really like?
10. Do you really believe in magic?
11. Which song you want to listen every time?

Vivek Dwivedi